Healthcare Regulation — IS IT UNCONSTITUTIONAL?

A thank you to Jo Ann S. for the heads up on this.

An excerpt from Judge Andrew Napolitano’s speech to Campaign for Liberty

“The other day I had a piece in the Wall Street Journal about whether or not the congress could, under the Constitution, regulate healthcare.  Obviously it can’t.  healthcare is not mentioned in the  Constitution.  The framers had doctors, the framers had hospitals, the framers got sick, the framers needed healthcare.  It was beyond their wildest imaginings that they would be creating a government that would somehow be able to regulate this kind of human behavior.

. . . Medicare – broke.  Social Security – broke.  Medicaid – broke.  Amtrak – broke.  The post office – broke.

Who in their right mind with that track record would give healthcare to the same people that have broken everything they’ve tried to manage?

Ask your member of Congress, whoever she or he may be, where in the Constitution is it authorize for the federal government to regulate healthcare?  They will not be able to answer that question.

. . . In the long history of the world only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its maximum hour of danger.  You are that generation!  This is your role!  Now is that time!  Freedom must be defended from every assailant in every corner of this country, from outside the country, from inside the country, and especially from the government that wants to take it away from us.”

Congress and the president do not dare blatantly raise our taxes, which they need so desperately.  They will, however, “fix” the healthcare bill, call it progressive, and pass it without the slightest bit of remorse.   The high costs of healthcare will increase.  Higher taxes will be implemented to fund it.  The debt it will incur is yet another bill our children and grandchildren will be expected to pay.  The lack of choices will be rationing.  Seniors will see reduced care that could easily morph into euthanasia.  It is in short, like it or not, a scheme to bring us to the trough of socialism and loss of freedoms. 

Eagle Forum has a boat-load of information regarding the healthcare issue, and they have even provided an email option and telephone option.  Don’t let this government rob us blind and take away one more portion of our freedom.  Check this information out and take action before it is too late.

And, of course, we need to pray.  Pray especially for the leaders of our land. 




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