Letter to Lona-Ruth

Well!  Isn’t that just dandy.  My hubby is flying in from Munich via Atlanta to Dallas today!  I was worried about the blasted Icelandic volcano and its ash cloud!

A friend wrote telling me about the turbulent Texas weather, and asked if I missed it.  No I do not miss it at all.

Did I ever tell you my dream about DFW and three tornados?

I was coming in from the American Airlines headquarters onto the airport freeway toward Euless on my way home to Grapevine.  Suddenly I saw three tornados.  Two over the north end of the airport and one over the southern end of Euless.  I pulled into a parking lot and got out of my car and walked into a cinderblock building for safety.  I was in a long hall, and I went to the first door on my right.  There was a bearded man in coveralls who looked like St. Nick.  He was working with two pulleys hung from the ceiling, and smiled at me as I walked in.

I asked if I could stay inside the building until the storm blew over.  He said, “Yes that will be just fine.”  I then mentioned that there were several men and women outside at the end of the building taking a coffee break, and that I wanted to let them know that a storm was coming.  The fellow said, “That’s a good idea.”  He winked at me with a knowing look and went back to his work.

I walked to the end of the hall, opened the door and there, not more than 200 feet away was a huge funnel cloud coming straight on toward the building.

“Come inside where it is safe,’ I said as I motioned toward the door.  “Please come in where it’s safe.”

They laughed and continued their conversations.  I shrugged in disbelief and walked back into the building, but just as I closed the door the tornado burst through the wall.  Cinderblocks flew in all directions, while dirt, rain, and thunder all meshed together as the wind whipped violently through the wall.

I turned, faced the whirling, deafening wind and stood with feet shoulder width apart, held up my hands and said, “By the power and authority of Jesus Christ, be still.”

Immediately the funnel cloud stopped in its path and began to churned slowly.  Just as suddenly as it tore through the wall it stood still.  The dirt hung suspended within the hole in the wall and looked like the black bottom of a cracked, dried lake bed.

I suddenly found myself awake and was completely flabbergasted… and I still am!  Someday, I’ll relate the definition of this dream.  In the mean time, just know this:  It was quite a ride!

More later, and until then,

Much Love and Many Graces,


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