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Green and More Green

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One of the largest tractors made here in Germany is the Fendt 828 Vario, and AGCO, the parent company, calls its color grüne tannenbaum.  That translates a greener than green Christmas tree – but most people who sing Christmas carols knew that little bit of nostalgia.

The ultimate piece of farm equiptment - Fendt 828 Vario

I was at the Horse International Fair in Riem this past weekend and saw some exquisite horses.  Everything from Holland’s Barok Friesen to Arabian horses from Oman clad in full traditional tack.  The Oman women riders were draped in jewel toned silk chiffon over what I would call harem pants, with gold and silver adorning their arms.  The eye candy was quite a feast.  The sound of all those silver coins rattling on the reins and halters of more than 20 horses and the thundering hooves as they raced by the grandstand was absolutely breathtaking.  It was an experience to stir even the most sedentary folk to relish dreams of wanderlust.  The women riders were, of course, beautiful.  The guys – well, let’s just say Rudolph Valentino had them beat by hundreds of miles.  Remind me to tell you some day about my grandfather who wanted to become a movie star.

But, I do digress.

How does a Fendt 828 Vario fit into this horse fair?  Good question.  People who own horses here in Germany take this ownership seriously.  Many have castles with loads of land for these horses to graze.  And, if that is not in the picture, they surely have a large farm that supports their horse hobby.  So how does one farm in Germany?  With a big fat-assed Fendt 828 Vario.  That’s how!

Turning almost on a dime, but oh so nice to set the GPS and let 'er go. Each new row has the exact spacing all down the line.

This piece of farm equipment is the Rolls Royce among tractors.  My best impression – was of course – the SIZE of this green monster.  That front tire with fender is taller than my 5’5”, and if size and engine umph isn’t enough, this tractor is outfitted with all the bells and whistles any farmer ever dream of owning in his prize tractor.

The most impressive thingy – the onboard computer with a touch screen monitor.  And there are more levers, pedals, and buttons than stops found on a cathedral pipe organ containing six manuals, 460 ranks, 490 registers, and more than 24,000 pipes.  How’s that for hyperbole?  It would take weeks, maybe months if the farmer is a slow maze learner, to get the hang of all those controls.  I never met an SML farmer in my lifetime.  And, if I did, they were not in business very long.

The Fendt 828 Vario’s cabin is not as complicated as a Boeing 777 cockpit, but still just as amazing.  It couldn’t land itself at DFW, but it can certainly follow GPS inputs and keep the furrows an exact distance from the last one plowed with each new turn and swipe of the land.

Then there’s a computerized broadcasting system, and no that not like a radio station, to deliver just the right amount of whatever it is the farmer is up to at that moment.

I would be amiss if I didn’t mention the cab of this green beast.  The three-point suspension takes away almost all the vibration, and as if that were not enough for Fendt, they even built integral self-leveling into the cab design.  The cab also has full climate control.  How’s that so fantastic?  Well, in this tractor’s cab is the cat seat.  This cushy seat has its own climate control settings.  That’s right.  Just like my Mamma’s Cadillac that can warm the sweet bippie for that cold winter morning in the Texas Panhandle, plus, cooling in the summer.  I have yet to own an automobile that does both.  Maybe next year. . .

Sunup to sundown, the Fendt 828 Vario is a workhorse worth its weight in gold.

There are a whole lot of other features on this green beast, and I sure hope ya’ll get down to your dealership to see this piece of equipment.  Such a deal!  Makes me think of the guy who ordered lunch, and then asked for an extra napkin.  The cashier looked at him and said, “All that and a bag of chips too!”  And all ‘that’ for a mere 195,000 €.  That is $282,050 at today’s exchange rate.  I wonder what shipping and handling would add to that price?  But, if I were shopping for this tractor dream, I probably wouldn’t be worried about shipping costs.  That old addage – if you have to ask you can’t afford it applies 100 fold here.

Well I think I just might check out the Starnberg Lake farm that breeds the Barok Friesen horses.  They sell from 1,500 to 15,000 €.  Loveable, versatile, and they are hay burners as opposed to petrol burners.  So what if I have to pick the mane and tail, and invest a few bucks in hair scrunchies for the forelock?  Look at this beauty!  What’s not to like?  Uh, make that LOVE!

Agile, brave, strong, and gentle. The Barok Friesen is a breed for riding as well as driving.

I know, I know!  That’s stepping back a full century from the industrial age, but let’s face it.  In today’s world, some of us may decide to ditch our Cadillac and take up driving buggies with beautiful hay burners.  Owning a Barok Friesen to ride and drive is high style.  They don’t call those high energy, beautiful babies the ‘Black Pearl’ for nothing.

Now all that said, for my 1/8 acre garden, I surely do not need a Barok Friesen or a Fendt 828 Vario.  But in the meantime, all ya’ll farmers out there – Fendt 828 Vario – it’s the BOMB in farm equipment.  You bettcha!

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